Company profile

Huizhou Xiang Xing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, is located in the Huizhou area Zhongkai Chen Jiang Feng Yuan Lu Street No. 3 (Hui Sheng Industrial Park, building C, B), is a professional engaged in financial self-service cabinet, telecommunication service cabinet, environmental protection equipment, automation equipment, LED sheet metal frame, hood and production equipment facilities, machinery parts processing, fixture for the design, manufacture and sales of integrated production and processing enterprises. The organizational structure of the company consists of the precision sheet metal business, the rack, the machine parts department and the management department. Building area of 10000 square meters, fixed assets investment of over 15 million yuan, annual output value of more than 5000 yuan; there are more than 150 employees, including more than 30 engineering and technical personnel, more than 10 quality control personnel.

Companies adhere to the "customer first, integrity-based, pioneering and enterprising, platform sharing" business philosophy, adhere to the "people-oriented, diligent and pragmatic style of work, provide a full range of professional design and service for customers and enterprise solutions, more than 10 years of enterprise technology, quality, service, the truth by the cooperative enterprise must. The company will be as in the past to technology, quality management as the center, toward a higher goal, and strive to become the leading enterprise in sheet metal industry.

Equipment capacity:

1. sheet metal processing equipment: CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, ordinary hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic shears

Plate machine, pipe bending machine and various welding equipment, oven;

2. machining equipment: CNC lathe, wire cutting, CNC machining center, Longmen milling, and various kinds of cars, milling,

Grinding, drilling and other machining equipment;

3. other hardware processing equipment: all kinds of punch, automatic pipe cutting machine, coiling machine, ring machine, all kinds of butt welding

Machine, polishing room, etc.;

4. laser cutting machine: one hundred Swiss laser cutting machine (3000W optical fiber), a large number of laser cutting machine (5000W carbon dioxide);